February 27, 2014

A Little Note about BzzAgent and A Little Update On Me!

What's going on~

Hello!  I am currently working on some things that I will be writing about soon.  I want to mention the BzzAgent campaign I'm doing now.  It is an allergy nose spray called Nasacort Allergy.  I usually don't like nose sprays because they are kind of gross.  This one is different!  It doesn't run down my throat or taste bad!  I hate when they do that!  I just started using it and it is working already.  I live in Texas and we have allergies year round.  I will let you know how it works after I use it for a little bit longer.  So far so good!!!

The next thing I want to tell you is that I have been feeling terrible.  (besides the allergy mess)  My pain has been bad and I think it is because of the weather we've had.  Today is pretty nice and the sun is out! Hopefully I will stop having this increase in pain soon!  I have a review that I will be doing on NYC Cityproof Twistable Crayons. I have one more to test out before I do it.  

I promise to do my best to keep up with this blog as much as physically possible.  I have a sleeping disorder and my sleep doc had some harsh words for me today.  On top of having a sleeping disorder I am sleep deprived.  He says I have to sit down with my hubby and kids and let them know that I have to get more sleep or I will do some serious damage to my health.  I am supposed to limit my driving to short distances as well.  Wow, not what I was expecting at a follow up visit!  (could this be why my pain is worse too??)

That is all that I wanted to fill you in on.  Luckily being a BzzAgent and reviewing makeup, etc... doesn't keep me up at night!  Take care of yourselves and get plenty of rest!

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