March 2, 2014

Review of NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Lip Color... with a Twist

Review turned comparison~

***I have updated this review.  See bottom of post!
I purchased the NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Lip Color at my local CVS a while back.  My CVS only carries NYC until they relocate and build a larger store. (I hope) I always give in and buy their stuff because makeup makes me happy especially when I can use my CVS Bucks to buy it!  

I purchased the Riverside Rose for $2.99.  It is a nice enough color, but I have no idea why they claim that these colors are "intense."  It barely shows up on me even when I build it up.  I decided that I needed to buy another color to see the difference.  I chose the Fulton St. Fuchsia because it looked pretty bright. It does show up better, but it is also unforgiving with the bleeding and kind of slides off my lips.  

So I decided to use a 30% off online coupon at CVS to purchase one more.  The Parsons Pink is my favorite.  It is a shimmery color that looks pink on my lips, but different on my arm.  (see pic)  Either way I like the color.  I like shimmer and I also like bright lip colors.  That's just me.  This would be a good alternative to the glitter makeup trend I just read about.

In order from top to bottom:
Riverside Rose
Fulton St. Fuchsia
Parsons Pink
Here is the "twist" to this review.  At the time that I ordered my last color I also read a review of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.  I decided to buy one of those as well and compare them. Obviously the Revlon cost $9.29 and I expect more from it.  I chose the color Lovesick.  It is a really pretty fuchsia color.
I realize that the NYC is not a stain, but they are both twistable and that was good enough for me!  I know that is not good reasoning, but this is how I shop in real life!
Here is my comparison of the two brands.  The NYC lip colors are very soft going on.  These are really like a tinted lip balm in my opinion.  They wear like one as well.  They need to be reapplied often and do bleed unless you choose a lighter shade like the Parsons Pink.

The Revlon balm stain that I tried did show up nicely and stayed on my lips.  My problem with this stain is that it doesn't last as long as I feel a stain should.  A lip stain should stain my lips and take effort to remove it from my lips.  I expect a lot from any lip product that claims to be a stain.  I only get an hour or so out of this before it has faded and needs to be reapplied.  It feels really thick going on and has a minty smell.  The smell does not bother me, but I know a lot of people that would be bothered by it.  The thick feeling is something that does bother me, but putting a lip balm over it helps.  The lip balm on top also makes it slide right off.  I can't win!

My final opinion is to spend the extra money on the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Stains if you need a color that shows up brightly and stays on longer than a tinted lip balm.  However, I also recommend the NYC CityProof Twistable Intense Lip Color for a nice tinted lip balm choice.  I would stick to a lighter color and forget the whole "intense color" nonsense!  These are cheaper than most tinted lip balms and can save you some money there.  Maybe wearing the NYC on top of the Revlon would take care of the thick dry feeling that the Revlon has!  I have three of the NYC's to try it!

I did a swatch and took a picture of them all after several swipes across my arm.  I then took another picture just after I ran my finger across them all at once.  I think that the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is perfect in this case. However, "money talks" as well.  Which one speaks louder to you?

Left to right NYC:
Riverside Rose
Fulton St. Fuchsia
Parsons Pink &
Revlon Lovesick

P.S. this is not a CVS plug.  I usually buy my makeup from them and wanted to note that I used the 30% off on the last two choices.  I am a Beauty Club member and I fill enough prescriptions to get $5 in CVS buck at least once a month.  I then go immediately to the makeup section and get back in line to use it!  :-)

***I am surprised by how many views this post has had!  Obviously people are interested in these products.  I have continued to use them and I have to say that I reach for the NYC Twistables quite often.  They are so much like a tinted lip balm that I will even wear them on top of another lipstick.  I did also purchase one more color called Gramercy Park Plum .  It is definitely an intense color and I really wish that it stayed on more like a lip stain.  It will show bleeding and mistakes, but it is a gorgeous dark berry.  Perfect for fall.  It is a vampy sort of color in my opinion.  I think for me I would prefer to wear it over a lighter berry/plum color lipstick so that it fades down to that lighter color instead of being patchy.  Adding it to a matte color would add a little shine to it as well without being "glossy."  I will add a picture of it when I get a chance.  I find myself reaching for the Riverside Rose the most since it is such an easy color to wear.  I am still very fond of the Parsons Pink as well.  I like to wear it on top of a darker color to lighten it up and add a little shimmer.  Don't be afraid of shimmer!  Even eye shadow with shimmer looks great, but that is another post I suppose.  The Fulton St. Fuchsia is the one I use the least often. ***As for The Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Lovesick, I do like it better than I originally thought.  It is a pretty color, but I am still disappointed in it being labeled a stain since I don't get the wear of a stain from it.  That is it for my update to this post.  Thanks for reading and I hope it was helpful!

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