February 9, 2014

Favorite beauty buys Feb, 2014 Part 1

Current Favorite Products

My faves don't change very often. What can I say, I'm a loyal fan of each. I do however come across items on sale or that catch my eye that ultimately bump one off my current list. I will do updates to my faves list whenever that happens. I only buy drugstore brands for the most part. Maybe I will venture away from that a little.

Here is a picture I took of them.  It took me about an hour to get everything the way I wanted it. I still didn't achieve an award winning pic, but it was on my iphone. See if you can recognize any if them. Just remember this is 2014, so if you stumble upon this post in 2020 these items may not even be around!  Wow, hello future reader!  ;-)

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