February 4, 2014

Random Chronic Beauty Blog

Hello! This is so random...

This is my first ever attempt at a blog. I'm excited, terrified, and a little embarrassed all at once. I think I have the power of being anonymous on my side or I definitely would not be brave enough to do this. Silly, but I'm sure I'm not the only one!

This blog is going to be kind of random....like my own thoughts!  I will share some things about myself and what I am doing. I also would like to be able to include some tips about beauty, parenting, saving money, and whatever else I come across. 
Please bare with me if you come across my little blog. Hopefully it will blossom into much more than I can imagine it will at this moment!

Please feel free to comment on anything and everything. I do ask that your comments be polite and respectful of others. I don't expect anyone to agree with everyone or everything, but if your comment is hateful or ugly I will delete it. 

Ok, so let's do this!!!

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