February 5, 2014

Why I am doing this blog

  I recently joined a website called BzzAgent.  Basically if you do surveys, reviews, and participate on their site, then you could be invited to do a Bzzcampaign.  They send products for you to review and spread the word about whether you like it or not. I have just joined and will let you know when I start a campaign!  It could take a few months. I am not dedicating my blog to this one site for this reason.
  I have also now joined Influenster and Shespeaks.  They work pretty much the same as BzzAgent. I will be using this blog for those reviews as well!  There are no guarantees that I will be selected to review their products.  I will be posting random things as well.
  I had a two level fusion surgery in my neck (ACDF) in 2012 and will be posting about  that as well. Someone out there may benefit from reading about my experience. I know that I searched for as much info as possible before I had my surgery. I have some advice I can share as well.  I have some other health problems now as well, but I will save that for another time.

~I participate in the websites listed below.  Please let me know if I am missing a good one!
My Points
Ipsy/glam bag $10 monthly (paid subscription)
P&G Everyday
I have applied to Shespeaks

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