February 10, 2014

Faves Feb, 2014 Part 3

Here is the last half of my faves list.  It was supposed to be twenty products, but one snuck into the picture!
  1. NYX Nude on Nude~ This set contains twenty shadows and ten shades of lip gloss. There are some great shades in here and of course the usual colors that don't work for me. There is a nice mix of matte and shimmer colors. The case is a nice quality with a mirror and a pull out section that contains the lip glosses. I really don't get much use from the lip glosses. I prefer something I can throw in my purse and reapply.  I've  seen mixed reviews on this pallet, but for half the price of an Urban Decay Naked pallet this is a great deal!
  2. L.A. Colors Color Craze nail polish~ I have several of these and they are such a great bargain!  The one shown is called "wired." It's a nice bright blue color.  They have a lot of beautiful colors to choose from. 
  3. Hard Candy Crush Baked Blush~ These are beautiful blushes!  I own the "Living Doll" and have honestly been looking for this shade my entire life!  I's a buildable color that can be both subtle and bright.  These come in three colors and are sold exclusively at Walmart. 
  4. Moodmatcher Lip Color by Fran Wilson~ These have been around since I was a teenager. I remember using them because we thought it was "cool" to see what color it would turn into. I plan on doing a dedicated page to these in the near future . For now I will say that these are surprisingly moisturizing and super long lasting. So much better than a lip stain and a great bargain too!
  5. L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer/Corrector~ I  have mixed feelings about this product. I only use it under my eyes when they need a little brightening. For highlighting around my face I prefer a plain white cream shadow pencil.  What I don't like about this is the applicator. The brush on the pen is globby with product, hence the mixed review. 
  6. Sally Girl Eyeshadow~ These eyeshadows come in separate compacts that can be connected to each other. These are very small sample sizes, but last surprisingly long. The color "soft pink" is shown. It's a nice pink that isn't overly shimmery. These sample size shadows are a perfect way to try a lot of different colors without spending a lot of money. 
  7. Pure Ice nail polish~ I have quite a few of these gorgeous nail polishes. The one shown is called "Busted."  These are an awesome deal at Walmart. I really love their selection and the price!  I usually have a hard time deciding what color to pick. 
  8. Be A Bombshell The One Stick~ I have this in "Girl Crush."  It's a really pretty natural light pink color. It can be used as blush, eye shadow, and a face highlighter. I've only tried it as a blush personally. It goes on creamy and blends well.  I like to use this alone or under my powder blush. I received this in an Ipsy glam bag. It retails for $16 so I'm really glad that I got this with my $10 subscription!
  9. L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil~ Ok, I'm going to tell you a secret...expensive doesn't always equal better. These eye pencils are dirt cheap and I love them!  I have not tried them all, but I do have a favorite color. It is a beautiful purple color called "tropical bliss."  I use it to line my lid and then I blend it in with a little eyeliner brush. It lasts all day and I have a hard time using anything else. 
  10. NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil~ Yet another cheap eyeliner that I'm a huge fan of!  I have several of these eyeliners. They go on smoothly and blend well on the upper lid and really pop on the waterline. These do last longer than my other eyeliners, however  I do need to reapply. My favorite color is the Teal. It makes my eyes really stand out and enhances my natural eye color.
  11. NYC Sparkle Eye Dust~ Another product I've seen mixed opinions about. I have the "Golden Champagne" and think it's a fun way to add a little sparkle to the eyes. Does it have fall out?  Yes, but it's easily wiped away with a tissue. I like that it is a cross between a powder and a cream.  I plan to try more colors soon.  

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