February 19, 2014

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust

My thoughts on NYC's Sparkle Eye Dust~

I've seen a lot of mixed opinions about this product.  I am one of the people that likes this eye shadow. Number one they have several really nice colors.  I've seen a complaint that they have a ton of them to choose from, but I just checked their website and they have ten total.  All I need is one good one and I'm happy!   I bought  the color "Golden Champagne."  I would like to try them all at some point, but I just can't rush out and buy them all at once.  I will update this post if I get the opportunity to try another color.  

This color is a great choice because it is not too dark and really shows off the sparkle in this eye shadow.  I think it is fun to wear when I want to bring a little more attention to my eyes.  I have had to grudgingly start wearing my glasses full time and need bolder eye colors.  (***see tip for eyeglass wearers below)  It is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.  It comes in a tube with a built in wand to apply it.  I always take any extra off on the side of the tube before I apply any.  I do need to reapply later in the day pretty much when I would need to touch up any other makeup.  I recommend using an eye shadow primer to help keep it in place. There is some fall out. (I've learned this term from the beauty gurus.  It basically means that some of the shadow falls onto you face when you apply it.)  This is not a big deal to me because I just use a soft tissue to gently wipe it off.  Problem solved!  I'm going to include a photo that I took on my way out the door.  As usual the quality is lacking, but hey I'm not a professional!  :-)  

***Tip- When you wear glasses they can make your eyes almost vanish beneath them.  A bolder eye shadow and eyeliner can help them to stand out again.  But don't go overboard! You still need to blend everything out and wear colors that flatter your face.  I look best in pink, purple, a nice light brown aka the NYC champagne color, and blue.  I don't wear blue eye shadow, but I love a pretty blue eyeliner!  One of my favorite colors is actually a teal blue eyeliner.  It brings out the green in my eyes that I barely notice anymore!

NYC Sparkle Eye Dust colors
NYC Sparkle Eye Dust in
Golden Champagne

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