February 6, 2014

Random Tips

  Sometimes technical difficulties come up and I find an answer by accident or by searching online.  I thought I would start a page for these tips.  Hopefully this info will be useful to someone. 

Iphone-dreaded white or black screen
  If you are ever faced with a locked white or black screen on your iphone don't panic! (I already did the panicking for you!)  This is some glitch that is supposed to be fixed at some point.  In the meantime here is how you reset your phone.
***Hold the top button that you use to turn your phone on and off.  Keep holding it down and hold the home button at same time.  Keep holding both buttons down for what feels like an eternity.  When the apple logo shows up on your screen you can let go.  Just wait again for another seemingly long time and voila your lock screen should pop up!

Twitter/Facebook full site on your phone or tablet
  The mobile sites on websites are usually sufficient for normal use.  However, you miss out on a lot on these mobile sites.  This can be a major problem if you don't have access to a regular computer or laptop. The reason I found myself looking for a quick fix to override this is so that I could change my photo on Twitter.  I was tired of having an egg for a picture!  Here is what you do to force the full site.
***Login to your account like normal.  Next you type in this address to take you to the full site...



These both worked for me  today 2/6/2014. Be sure to bookmark the site so that you don't have to keep typing in the alternate addresses. 

That's all I have for now.  If I come across any more useful info or problem fixes I will add them here.  

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