February 22, 2014

Super deals from Bath and Body Works

Check out what I ordered from Bath and Body!

I LOVE Bath and Body!  It's one of my guilty pleasures that I give into whenever I can.  That means whenever my hubby says I can.  He knows that if I had my way I would buy something every other day.  So I like to take advantage of the sales and the mailers/emails they send out.  

The best time to stock up is at their semi annual sales.  The next one will be in June and I'm already excited about it.  I had so much fun shopping at the winter sale.  Items during those sales are up to 75% off!  That is not a typo!  I actually didn't know about the semi annual sales until just this last fall.  What rock have I been under? Signing up for the email offers is the best way to keep up with the sales and get coupons. In fact they send me at least two or three emails a day.  Darn them- always tempting me!

I just ordered a few things online and used a 20% off coupon and also got one free item.  I looked at what is left in the 50% off section and found that it is getting pretty sparse. There are still Wallflower refills, shampoo and conditioners, along with some other miscellaneous holiday themed items.  You might want to check those out.

I did score on the Triple Moisture Body Cream in "Cranberry Twinkle."  I found it by doing a search for body cream and then sorted those from low to high.  It was the first thing that popped up. They are on sale for $4 with a regular price of $12.50.  I got three for less than one at the normal price plus I had the 20% off coupon that made them under $4.

Another super deal is the "Fresh Picked Garden Strawberries" hand soap in either the deep cleansing or foaming types.  I picked one of those up at a special price of  $3. (even less with the 20%) The regular price for those is $6.50.  ***update This special price ends Sunday, February 23.  I received the email early this morning, so I'm assuming it goes until midnight.

They now have a flat shipping rate of $5.99. Depending on how much you purchase this could save you some bucks.  I have kicked myself before for paying more for shipping than the actual product online.   I also snagged a few of the PocketBac sanitizing hand gels and one of those ended up being my free item.

Bath and Body Works Cranberry Twinkle Triple Moisture Body Cream and
the Fresh Picked Garden Strawberries Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

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