March 31, 2014

A rough week

It's always something~

Last week was a tough one!  My daughter had a cold and would wake me up around 3am and not go back to sleep until around 10am.  We would then "nap" until it was time to pick up my son from school.  I felt like a zombie!  My daughter is feeling better now and just has a lingering cough, but my son is sick.  I think he has strep throat and I have a doctor appointment for him this evening.  I got the very last appointment the doctor's office had.  We go to an office that has at least ten doctors and they also have Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.  Getting the last appointment tells me that a lot of people are sick right now!

I had to keep him home from school today.  He has missed so many days that we get letters from the school truancy department basically implying that we are terrible parents.  He has severe anxiety with depression. We have notes from his doctor and he is on a 504 plan at school which is kind of a protection of sorts for children with disabilities.  We should be ok, but the last letter we got was more threatening.  I guess I should call them, but I just don't know what to say.  My son stays awake until he can no longer keep his eyes open. He is afraid to go to sleep and sleeps with the light on and he sleeps with me.  My poor husband sleeps in my son's room.  We are hoping to eventually get him back into his own room, but we can't force the issue without causing more anxiety for him.

I will say that even though my son has missed a ton of school and is late all the time that he has also improved tremendously.  He overcomes anxiety every single day of his life.  He has panic attacks in large spaces and loud noises cause him anxiety as well.  He was in third grade when this all first started.  He had chronic strep throat and had an incident where he felt like he was choking because his tonsils were swollen.  It set off his anxiety and we have been dealing with it since.  There were days that he would lay on the floor crying and begging me not to take him to school.  It was awful.  To make matters worse I was having terrible pain and headaches from my neck.  I had not even been diagnosed with herniated discs and was having a hard time getting my doctor to help me.  That is another story all together....doctors afraid to help there patients with pain.  Most people don't think this is a problem until they need help themselves.  It's normal to feel like "that" will never happen to me or my children, etc...

I'm not sure what to classify this post as.  I think venting is what I needed.  I barely touched on the subject of my son's anxiety.  It is way more complicated than I can get into this random post.   I would also like to write a dedicated post about my Idiopathic Hypersomnia as well.  It has a huge impact on our lives.  I have so many "problems" now that I feel like I am falling apart!  Luckily I have my family to help pick up the pieces! Too cheesy?  Oh well, I'm also pouting about not getting to order Bath and Body Works yesterday.  They had some awesome deals, but we have other more important things to spend money medicine and food.  Maybe next time!

Oh, and did I mention that my throat is sore?

"When it rains it pours!" Show me the rainbow!


  1. Hi Coco Jo, sorry to hear your son is dealing with anxiety. I hope he feels better soon! Also sorry to hear about the head and neck pain. I can relate to the neck pain because when I was in my 20's I moved a huge wall unit and injured my neck.It was so stressful because my doctors wanted to push meds into me instead of healing me. I had severe shooting pain of pins and needles stabbing my head and my neck was extremely stiff. It got to the point that I was sick of feeling spaced out from the meds. I wanted to enjoy life with my husband and children. Finally, I came across this amazing Chiropractor who told me he could help me. He massaged and cracked my neck a couple days a week for months. He also showed me ways to stretch my neck to release the tension and advised me to find ways to reduce my stress (in which I did I found time to meditate). With the help of that amazing Chiropractor I saw, stretching, meditation and positive thinking the pain slowly went away pain.
    Wish you and your family the very best, God bless :) xoxo

    1. Glenda, Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad that you were able to heal your neck and stop the meds! I think maybe because I was older when I hurt mine that it was worse. That is my theory anyways! I have started trying to stretch here and there myself to help relieve the super tight muscles that I have. My neurosurgeon prescribed physical therapy to help with my chronic pain, but I wasn't able to do it last summer because of other stuff going on. Maybe I will have them prescribe it again! Surely they would do massage and good stuff like that. It could be time to myself at a "spa!"
      Best luck to you and yours! God bless you as well!

  2. Amazing! Your blog is so great!
    Do u want to follow each other in Instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc

    1. You are sweet! Thank you and I am now following you. I honestly love your photos!!